UNGPUnione Nazionale Giornalisti Pensionati (Italian: National Union of Journalists Seniors; Rome, Italy)
UNGPUnião dos Naturais da Guiné Portuguesa (Guiné-Bissau)
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Since UNGP endorsement in 2011, a Working Group on Business and
extend the scope of the UNGP and the MNE Guidelines, but also to make
application of the UNGP framework to the governance obligations of both
Section VI examines UNGP Article 9 and analyzes its recommendations in the context of the greater IIA regime.
These states are now developing model agreements to guide future IIA drafting in line with UNGP recommendations.
UNGP 13 explains that the 'responsibility to respect' requires that businesses "avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts through their own activities, and address such impacts when they occur.
The UNGP mandates that corporate policies and processes be appropriate to the size of the industry, including: a policy commitment to meet the corporation's responsibility to respect human rights; a human rights due diligence process to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how the company addresses their impacts on human rights; and processes for remediation of any adverse impacts they cause.
The UNGPs set forth an overall framework and guidance for the business and human rights area that includes action by States, respect for human rights by businesses, and access to an effective remedy for persons and communities whose rights are negatively affect by businesses.
However, in the absence of a single document that summarizes the guidelines and principles from the UNGPs and the four other frameworks, lawyers are obliged to read through these documents and synthesize their provisions in order to understand the human rights standards businesses are expected to meet and how businesses should implement these standards.
eventual content of the UNGPs but also helped assure that they would be
Therefore, it is useful to first examine the UNGPs and then other
The consideration of supply chains on the part of the UNGPs is not unique.