UNH-IOLUniversity of New Hampshire-interoperability Laboratory
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Earlier in 2016 Brain4Net participated in the 2nd annual Open Networking Foundation (ONF) AppFest, hosted in UNH-IOL, where B4N Controller, MEF apps pack and B4N SwitchOS have successfully passed interoperability tests with Noviflow and Edge-Core switches.
Companies turn to the UNH-IOL not only for our world-class testing facility and deep bench of experience, but also as a gathering place that can deliver effective and much- needed collaboration, said Timothy Winters, UNH-IOL Senior Executive, Software and IP Networking.
The UNH-IOL and Agilent are co-hosting the MIPI Test Corner, a section of the MIPI Alliance booth number 8.
The UNH-IOL has developed core competencies around the development of comprehensive and robust test suites to address myriad technologies, said Bob Noseworthy, Chief Engineer, the UNH-IOL.
In the frame of this partnership the UNH-IOL labs will build a GPON test environment using TraceSpan's GPON Xpert(TM) analyzer.
During the event, the UNH-IOL used publically routable IPv6 addresses, allowing participants to connect to the global IPv6 Internet.
UNH-IOL plugfests, such as the Enterprise iSCSI Interoperability Test Event, provide the vendor community with a neutral test environment where interoperability and innovation can be fostered," said Mikkel Hagen, senior engineer for the UNH-IOL.
Test suite providers (including UNH-IOL, test equipment vendors, and systems integrators) will develop and implement specific test procedures to be performed at the plugfest.
UNH-IOL currently has 7 vendors participating in the interop test bed.
Repeated multivendor testing is no less important today than when the IEEE ratified the 40GbE and 100GbE standard in 2010," added John D' Ambrosia, chairman of the Ethernet Alliance, in a statement released by UNH-IOL.
As a proving ground for developing technologies, companies rely on us for testing protocols and products for interoperability," said David Bond, Senior Engineer at the UNH-IOL.
Also, UNH-IOL has a standard iSCSI compliance test that can be executed against iSCSI implementations to verify compliance.