UNH-IOLUniversity of New Hampshire-interoperability Laboratory
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The UNH-IOL was excited to see such a great turn-out for the plugfest," said Lincoln Lavoie, UNH-IOL Senior Engineer.
The UNH-IOL and Agilent are co-hosting the MIPI Test Corner , a section of the MIPI Alliance booth number 8.
The UNH-IOL has developed core competencies around the development of comprehensive and robust test suites to address myriad technologies, said Bob Noseworthy, Chief Engineer, the UNH-IOL.
In the frame of this partnership the UNH-IOL labs will build a GPON test environment using TraceSpan's GPON Xpert(TM) analyzer.
During the event, the UNH-IOL used publically routable IPv6 addresses, allowing participants to connect to the global IPv6 Internet.
UNH-IOL plugfests, such as the Enterprise iSCSI Interoperability Test Event, provide the vendor community with a neutral test environment where interoperability and innovation can be fostered," said Mikkel Hagen, senior engineer for the UNH-IOL.
Test suite providers (including UNH-IOL, test equipment vendors, and systems integrators) will develop and implement specific test procedures to be performed at the plugfest.
Lincoln Lavoie, Senior Engineer at InterOperability Laboratory, UNH-IOL, said: "Multi-vendor interoperability is now a reality and this breakthrough is a result of the groundwork laid by the Broadband Forum and UNH-IOL.
As a proving ground for developing technologies, companies rely on us for testing protocols and products for interoperability," said David Bond, Senior Engineer at the UNH-IOL.
Vendors dedicated to global standards enable the future of interoperability for newer standards such as TRILL" said Christina Dube, Senior Manager of Ethernet Switching Technologies at the UNH-IOL.
The UNH-IOL is an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance services for the networking industry.
Test solutions created at the UNH-IOL offer a set of methods to increase interoperability through protocol operations, signaling, and point-to-point and multi-system scenarios.