UNHCHRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
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It also reiterated Bahrain's respect for the UNHCHR role in promoting human rights, describing the forthcoming visit as an opportunity to reveal the facts of unrest.
220) Canada's Response to the UN Questionnaire on Violence Against Children (10 September 2004) at 6, online: Office of the UNHCHR, <http://www2.
According to the UNHCHR Report, states do have obligations to
We are now waiting for advice from the UNHCHR in Geneva before we take our next course of action,'' federation secretary Frankie Wong was quoted saying by the newspaper.
There is precedent for such a protocol: El Salvador has recently developed a protocol for investigating suspected femicide that establishes that all violent deaths of women should begin as femicide investigations (Fiscalfa General de la Republica de El Salvador and UNHCHR 2012).
Besides, the UNHCHR highlighted the importance to guarantee a large public participation in the elaboration of the headlines of reforms in the country, to guarantee respect by all of the State institutions, including security and justice, and the rights of the Tunisians.
Azouri told The Daily Star that the Lebanese government cannot face the UN with the pretext of provisional detentions since the UNHCHR does not give member states the right to justify their judicial actions by resorting to their internal laws.
Various parts of the UN have been responsible for resurrecting the human rights norm in this inhospitable era for three main reasons: the embeddedness of human rights in the UN's organizational structure; the role of the UNHCHR, which has over time become more visible and active within the UN agencies; and the presence of an outspoken proponent of human rights in the UN secretary-general.
The UNHCHR, a former president of Ireland, also met with President Jiang Zemin on Tuesday morning.
Max van der Stoel, Pursuant to Commission Resolution 72 (1996) (Geneva: UNHCHR, 21 February 1997) pp.
This came when the NIHR Chairman and several members of the Board of Commissioners received today the technical delegation from the UNHCHR led by the Executive Director for Middle East and North Africa Division Faraj Vinesh, Chairman for Human Rights in Tunisia Mazen Shaqoura and Georgia Brennan from the Geneva-based Division for Middle East and North Africa at the NIHR head office.
The visit will also provide the opportunity to sign "a Hosting Country Agreement" between the Tunisian Republic and UNHCHR, which is planning to open a UNHCHR office in Tunisia, its inauguration and the official announcement of the start of its activities.