UNHCHRUnited Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
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Al Hussein's visit to El Salvador--the first for a UNHCHR head--came less than three months after a pair of Salvadoran organizations broached the issue of extrajudicial killings with another prominent human rights body, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).
The UNHCHR seems to be convinced that "The new Constitution will also be important in facilitating the establishment of the transitional justice mechanisms envisaged by the Government, for instance the criminalization of international crimes in national law or allowing for the involvement of international judicial personnel".
Ali bin Samikh Al Marri gave the opening speech followed by UNHCHR Commissioner HH Prince Zeid Ra'ad and.
Representatives and experts from governmental institutions, human rights institutions, civil society, regional organizations from the Arab region, experts from treaty bodies and a set of Special Rapporteur and all the representatives of UNHCHR in the region are participating in the conference.
For example, the South Korean government and NGOs can arrange for an Inter-Korean Human Rights Cooperation-Dialogue meeting with the UNHCHR.
But there was nothing from the UN in New York not from UNHCHR, not from anyone in the Secretariat, not from the weak and uninspired Haile Menkerios, the UN Secretary-General's special representative for SudanC*no one said anything.
She thanked His Majesty King Hamad for inviting a UNHCHR mission to Bahrain.
It is apparent from the conclusions of the UNHCHR Report that the
Simon Walker, who was involved with the UNHCHR report on TRIPS, has expressed surprise that pharmaceutical companies could complain of deprivation of patent rights on human rights grounds, and suggests that the negotiating history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights shows that, although little attention was given to the matter, 'there is no evidence to suggest that [the drafters] even considered intellectual property rights as corporate-held rights' (Walker, 2006, p 178).
To see the draft version of the Declaration, visit the UNHCHR website at http://www.
Various parts of the UN have been responsible for resurrecting the human rights norm in this inhospitable era for three main reasons: the embeddedness of human rights in the UN's organizational structure; the role of the UNHCHR, which has over time become more visible and active within the UN agencies; and the presence of an outspoken proponent of human rights in the UN secretary-general.
During the tenure of current UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, UNHCHR has been a crucial supporter and promoter of indigenous rights initiatives, including the Permanent Forum.