UNHMUniversity of New Hampshire at Manchester
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The UNHM program started small by training only a subset of writing tutors and working with a few of the First Year Writing instructors.
With the Durham Deans focused on Durham, and truly ignoring both the need and opportunity in Manchester, any enthusiasm for an effort to make Manchester a real center for growth and learning on the part of those with a real interest in UNHM, is wasted," he wrote.
In his letter, Hitchcock--who said UNHM has remained "relatively unchanged" since he joined its board in 2006--similarly expressed frustration with what he called the school's inability "to respond creatively or in a timely manner to local needs and opportunities.
While efforts with other schools have been successful, all efforts so far to partner with UNHM have come up dry, he said.
Speaking as Dyn's CEO," he wrote to Ward, "I can say that I have been disappointed with our inability to develop meaningful partnerships with UNHM, given the resources we have offered up to spark progress.
In the 2007-2012 plan, UNHM characterized its relationship with Durham as "unclear at best.
That a physical expansion of UNHM has not yet come to fruition is "a mistake," said Dr.
But, according to Ward, when it comes to lack of support for expansion at UNHM, fingers should be pointed not at the university system, but the state.