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UNICEUniversité de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (France)
UNICEUnion of Industrial and Employer's Confederations of Europe
UNICEUniversal Network of Intelligent Conscious Entities
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While its survey showed "some encouraging signs" of recovery, UNICE added that those must be strengthened by measures that enforce European competitiveness - which was being threatened by the rise of the euro against the dollar.
Finally, UNICE expresses particular interest in voluntary agreements, arguing that unilateral commitments by industry have already proved their effectiveness.
UNICE believes the Community strategy responding to climate change should be implemented through a general framework with the primary aim of achieving balanced and sustainable economic growth.
Wanting to avoid "unnecessary confrontation during the tripartite social summit" [on 20 October in Lahti, Finland] by rushing the publication of the document, UNICE urged the Commission to reconsider both "the green paper's content and the timing of its publication".
UNICE has put its finger on a real dilemma EU law-makers will face in the coming years.
ETUC President Candido Mendez heralded "a new phase in the process of autonomous social dialogue", a comment echoed by UNICE President Ernest-Antoine Seilliere.
Secondly, "administrative cooperation needed to facilitate controls must be significantly improved", says UNICE.
This was the conclusion drawn by the European employers' organisation UNICE on the occasion of the publication of its spring economic forecasts on 13 March.
UNICE claims a real internal market for services could create up to 600,000 new jobs across the EU.
An agreement on the financial perspectives is necessary now, and it seems to be within reach: this is the message to Tony Blair from Ernest-Antoine Seilliere, President of UNICE (Union of Industrial and Employers' Confederations of Europe) on the eve of the EU summit on December 15 and 16.
Contradictory signals are emerging from a country on which most hopes rest", said UNICE advisor Jean-Paul Mingasson.
In a position statement recently sent to European institutions, industry lobby group UNICE sets out its suggestions for the review of Directive 2003/87/EC which introduced the ETS and which expires in mid-2006.