UNIFAUnion Nationale des Industries Françaises de l'Ameublement
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UNIFA Premium brings demonstrated wholesale, retail and operations expertise.
This partnership with True Religion Brand Jeans builds on the success that UNIFA Premium has achieved in growing the brand's wholesale sales in this region over the past six years," said Mr.
As part of the deal, UNIFA Premium's managing director Reinhard Haase will assume the post of managing director of the joint entity, which will be 60% owned by the American company.
Forward-looking statements in this release include statements regarding the Company's belief that: (i) it can ship another 1600 pairs of denim jeans to UNIFA in February; (ii) it will be able to deliver denim jeans under orders placed at the Project show; and (iii) that it will exhibit at the MAGIC and Coterie shows in February.
True Religion Brand Jeans is also pleased to announce the appointment of UNIFA (United Fashion Agency) to be its exclusive distributor for True Religion Brand Jeans for Germany and Switzerland.
Bridges for Windows is licensed by Corel Corporation to provide fast access to server-based Windows applications from Corel(R) LINUX(R) OS desktops, and by Compuware(R) to instantly web-enable enterprise-level applications deployed with their UNIFA CE(R) development environment.