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UNIFEUnion of European Railway Industries (Belgium)
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According to a UNIFE 2014 report, Europe (excluding France), which represents about a third of the global rail market, is expected to grow -- thanks to major projects underway or in the pipeline like Grand Paris, London Underground and HS2 -- but at a slower rate.
Z przedsiebiorstw, ktore weszty w sklad UNIFE jako pierwsze--faktycznie byty zalozycielami--warto wymienic kilka firm, ktore firmami o globalnym zasiegu, np.
Philippe Citroen, Director-General of UNIFE, emphasized the importance of the NGTC project for the SHIFT2RAIL initiative: “NGTC needs to be seen in the wider context of rail research.
Union of European Railways Industries (UNIFE) (2000): "Towards a Single European Railway System", The Official Newsletter of UNIFE, 2, 1-8.
UNIFE, representing the railway industry, and theaCommunity of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER), say that these measures will have a domino effect and lead to the general use of giant trucks in Europe.
Two public transportation associations, Brussels-based UNIFE and Washington-based APTA, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 5 November at an event hosted by the EU Delegation in Washington.
EMD) is proud to be recognized as a Green Company by UNIFE at is annual meeting recently held in Warsaw, Poland.
UNIFE, the European association that is the voice of manufacturers of rail material and equipment (Bombardier, Alstom, ArcelorMittal, etc), wishes to see investments under European Structural Funds geared more to rail transport.
1) Mega-trucks versus rail freight', available on the websites of UIC (International Union of Railways), CER (the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies), EIM (European Rail Infrastructure Managers), UIRR (International Union of combined Rail-Road transport companies), UNIFE (Union of European Railway Industries) and ERFA (European Rail Freight Association)
Currently, UNIFE highlights, "the internal market for railway products is fragmented due to different national authorisation procedures".
In a signing ceremony at the InnoTrans fair in Berlin, European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc oversaw the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the European Commission, the European Union Agency for Railways, and the rail sector organisations (CER, EIM, EPTTOLA, ERFA, the ERTMS Users Group, GSM-R Industry Group, UIC, UNIFE and UNISIG).