UNIIICUnited Nations International Independent Investigation Commission
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The defense counsel then targeted the entire investigation, accusing the UNIIIC of knowingly working with inaccurate information.
100) The UNIIIC was essentially folded into the Office of the Prosecutor of the STL, although the two entities operated concurrently for a spell.
Strangest of all is the fact that, in the words of Sami Khiyami, Syria's ambassador to the United Kingdom, UNIIIC "completely obscures the possibility of a third party exploiting the tense political environment in Lebanon to commit a hideous crime.
Through this meeting, Shahara was able to provide the UNIIIC with probative information on Tarek Fakhreddine, a key suspect in the investigation.
Radhia Achouri, spokesperson of the UNIIIC told Gulf News, that the commission has made significant progress in its investigations and would submit its finding to the court of Special Tribunal of Lebanon.
During 2007, UNIIIC issued three progress reports on its investigation of the Hariri assassination.
Larochelle pressed Kei on whether the UNIIIC had adequately investigated links with the so-called "Al-Qaeda 13," a group of individuals arrested in connection with the assassination.
Mehlis headed the UNIIIC, the tribunal's precursor, from May 2005 until January 2006.
The report's outcome raises questions about other key allegations in Nasrallah's speech, including that the STL's first president, Antonio Cassese, was a supporter of Israel and that 97 computers belonging to the UNIIIC passed through Israel, implying that the investigation was manipulated by Lebanon's arch-enemy.
All the evidence gathered by the UNIIIC was transferred to the STL when the tribunal was established in May 2007.
International Independent Investigation Commission, was a member of the UNIIIC under Detlev Mehlis, its first head.
Astrom was a member of the UNIIIC under Detlev Mehlis, its first head.