UNILAGUniversity of Lagos, Nigeria
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There was also low indication of ICT facilities use in the Serials units of UNILAG (35.
Table 1: Observation Checklist on the Various Serials Functions Performed with ICT facilities Serials Functions Public S/N Universities Acquisition Processing services 1 FUTO 0 0 x 2 MOUAU 0 0 x 3 UNN 0 0 x 4 UNIUYO 0 x 0 5 UNICAL x x 0 6 UNIPORT 0 0 0 7 UNIBEN 0 0 x 8 UNILAG x 0 x 9 UI x 0 x 10 OAU x x x 11 UNAAB 0 x x 12 Total 4 4 8 13 percent 36.
The target population for this study are the staff of two university libraries, Unilag and CU.
In UNILAG, a majority are Lecturer II and Senior Lecturer.
The largest number of respondents from both UNILAG and CU go to the library to meet their professional information needs.
Faculty from Covenant University ranked Internet service as most important, while faculty from UNILAG ranked lending services at the top.
The largest number of respondents from Covenant University rated the library "high," while 60 percent from UNILAG rated their library as "average.
Nearly half of respondents from CU rated the library services as good, while more than half from UNILAG rated the services fair.
Respondents from Covenant University prefer the internet and remote access as their information format, while more respondents from UNILAG prefer print.
Nearly all respondents from CU agreed that there are enough computers to access the Internet, while more than 60 percent of UNILAG respondents shared this opinion.
Eighty percent of respondents from CU use electronic and print journals for their personal research, while about 60 percent of UNILAG respondents do so.
A majority of respondents from UNILAG just use the library.