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UNIMAUnion Internationale de la Marionnette (French)
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Besides, an accredited formal two-year training programme would bring modern and traditional puppeteers to a common platform that at present the UNIMA master-classes are working on.
UNIMA SA, as will be pointed out in the next section, is also addressing the shortage of skilled puppet artist in South Africa with their initiative called Active Puppets Proactive, a professional training programme which was started in 2009 and which has the potential to also draw puppet artists from underdeveloped communities.
UNIMA said in a statement that the move was being taken in light of the Oct.
In June 2014, UNIMA India organized a mas-terclass with practitioner Gunduraju for puppeteers, animators and visual artists.
Ray Quarido in an earlier UNIMA newsletter (June 1991:2) gives a very appropriate summary of Marchant's work:
in any of the past several UNIMA international festivals--a real shame, because American puppeteers have wonderful work to share.
This study is supported by postgraduate scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia and grants from UNIMAS (grant nos.
Anteriormente llamada Telefutura, UniMas se relanzo para llegar a un publico mas joven e incorporar en su programacion producciones de RTI, Caracol TV, Teleset/Sony de Colombia y Cisneros Media (Venevision).
Unless the Latino TV market gains new players and experiences constant growth in a competitive field, Univision Communications will remain the dominant player, because it holds 60% of the audience share of broadcasting television through its TV networks Univision and Unimas (Pinon, Flores & Cornejo, 2015, p.
ORG, Vision Works, Merck, BD, Equal, Walgreens/Duane Reade, Regeneron, Univision 41 Nueva York , Unimas Nueva York and ABC Channel 7.
With this contract renewal, Atlantic Broadband customers will continue to have access to the programmer's broadcast and cable networks, Univision, UniMas and Galavision, and Atlantic Broadband will be adding El Rey Network in select markets by the end of the year.
More than a decade ago, he personally helped launch our Dayak Studies publications at UNIMAS and, more recently, shortly before his death, he launched the monumental bilingual dictionary of the Iban language that was published in September last year by the Dayak Cultural Foundation (see "Sarawak News').