UNIMOUnited Nations International Marine Organisation
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Finally, in the province of Equateur, PUNA (led by Jean Bolikango) and UNIMO (led by Justin Bomboko) were the victors.
The parties in opposition to the coalition were PNP, MNC-K (Kasai), ABAKO (Leopoldville), CONAKAT (Katanga), PUNA and UNIMO (Equateur) and RECO (Kivu).
100 Televate 5,101 TELEX (Bosch Security Systems) 5,102 Teltronic 5,103 Telum 5,104 TETRAtab 5,105 Thales 5,106 TITAN Communication Systems 5,107 Toshiba 5,108 Twisted Pair Solutions (Acquired by Motorola Solutions) 5,109 UNIMO Technology 5.