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UNIMOGUniversal Motor Gerat
UNIMOGUniverselles Motorgerät (German: Universal Motor Device)
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Delivery of a Unimogs U423 with a fully hydraulic loading crane (Palfinger PK 12002 C (or equivalent) behind the driver~s cab.
According to the truck maker, it was October 9, 1946 when the Unimog Prototype 1 completed its first test drive with chief designer Heinrich Robler at the wheel and a fully-laden tray of wood.
The film also features the Unimog, cast as a dinosaur ambulance, as well as a G 63 AMG 6x6 and various Sprinter models.
The tractor drivers were joined by a Unimog from Llanrwst - a multi-purpose drive truck produced by Mercedes-Benz.
The crane will also load and unload the Unimog track maintenance vehicle.
The vehicles, which will be delivered by the end of next year, will replace Unimog and heavier Mercedes trucks in use by New Zealand forces.
A Robust, Incredible Vehicle for a 20-Year Off-Road Trip EG - Monterey Conference Center Sixteen years removed from their day jobs, Richard and Catherine Desomme share their experiences from vagabonding around the world in a legendary Unimog expedition vehicle and what the magic of travel means to them.
fires been to types of Unimog Rover at the attend the A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: "We are appealing for witnesses who may have seen anyone acting suspiciously in the area to call Birmingham police on 101.
A genius of a vehicle that is both a car and a train at the same time and has an ability to run on the road as well as on the rail track, Unimog is specially designed for operation during emergency situations, like derailment.
Bruce Scott and Lesley Norris got stuck in their four-wheel drive Unimog in Brazil and were forced to call relatives in Eastbourne via satellite phone.
Bob came around the corner driving his Mercedes Unimog with the plough on the back and the crawler on a trailer behind, and into the left hand side of the Unimog I jump.
On June 8, 2011, Germany's Armed Forces Fleet Service (BwFPS) took delivery of its first airfield towing vehicle based on the Unimog U 300 implement carrier.