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UNIOUnited Nations and International Organizations
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Johannes Saubert, Johann Valentin Andreae and the Unio Christiana.
pseudodopsis were similar to those described in a Turkish freshwater mussel species, Unio terminalis delicatus Cek & Sereflisan 2006).
Subsequent spellings of Unio hubbardii have, for whatever reason, typically omitted the second "i.
Hosea's marriage metaphor, the allegorical reading of the Song of Songs, the florid elaborations of the medieval kabbalists, present the unio mystica of the bodiless and the embodied, God and Israel.
This blurring should lead to an unio mystica that subsumes the individual into the divine.
Consequencia de tota la doctrina aqui exposada es la reivindicacio d'un Estat catala, en unio federativa ab els Estats de les altres nacionalitats d'Espanya.
acuminatus from Unio pictorum, bur he found this ciliate only in unionids overgrown with Dreissena suggesting that U.
Thus, the unio mystica cum Christo is established: "It is Christ himself--the whole Christ, fully God and fully man in one hypostatic union--who is the subject of this mystical union.
In a tightly argued chapter, she convincingly demonstrates how Shed came to be associated with Horus the child and how that association must he understood in terms of a unio mystica of terrestrial and solar deities.
It would be altogether Kantian to say that the unio mentalis is effected by a unio temporalis.