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This is the balance sheet of an attempt I made some years ago to carry out the idea of an International Association of Laborers--commonly known as THE International--or union of all workmen throughout the world in defence of the interests of labor.
974; and he it was who called the notorious Cooks and Waiters' Strike, which, before its successful termination, brought out with it scores of other unions, among which, of the more remotely allied, were the Chicken Pickers and the Undertakers.
Out of the vast army of the unemployed the strike-breakers were recruited; and when the strike- breakers were worsted by the labor unions, the troops always appeared and crushed the unions.
There's the labor unions an' employers' associations, an' strikes', an' hard times, an' huntin' for jobs, an' all the rest.
Now, I seem to have Johnny in my arms--now, his mother--now, his mother's mother--now, I seem to be a child myself, a lying once again in the arms of my own mother--then I get numbed, thought and sense, till I start out of my seat, afeerd that I'm a growing like the poor old people that they brick up in the Unions, as you may sometimes see when they let 'em out of the four walls to have a warm in the sun, crawling quite scared about the streets.
combine' -- a trade union, to coin a new phrase -- who band themselves together to force their lowly brother to take what they choose to give.
Such is, very briefly, my view of the religion of this land; and to avoid any misunderstanding, grow- ing out of the use of general terms, I mean by the religion of this land, that which is revealed in the words, deeds, and actions, of those bodies, north and south, calling themselves Christian churches, and yet in union with slaveholders.
I forget she knows nothing of the character of that woman, or of the circumstances attending my infernal union with her.
So while Bell, in eloquent rhapsodies, painted word- pictures of a universal telephone service to applauding audiences, Sanders and Hubbard were leasing telephones two by two, to business men who previously had been using the private lines of the Western Union Telegraph Company.
Yes, gentlemen, on that shield the Constitution of the United States was sculptured (by forms unseen, and in characters then invisible to mortal eye), the predestined and prophetic history of the one confederated people of the North American Union.
While the inaugural address was being delivered from this place, devoted altogether to saving the Union without war, insurgent agents were in the city seeking to destroy it without war-- seeking to dissolve the Union, and divide effects, by negotiation.
A disruption of the Federal Union, heretofore only menaced, is now formidably attempted.