UNIPUniversidade Paulista
UNIPUnited National Independence Party
UNIPUnion Nationale Interprofessionnelle des Plantes Riches En Protéines (French national interprofessional union of plants rich in proteins)
UNIPUnited Nations International Press
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The authors thank CAPES/PROSUP for the research grant to ADL, Fapesp (grants # 99/05904-6 and 08/58706-8) and UNIP for support.
In January 1964, UNIP won the General Election under the new Constitution beating the ANC under Nkumbula.
Zambia enacted a new constitution in August 1991, which enlarged the National Assembly from 136 members to a maximum of 158 members, established an electoral commission, and allowed for more than one presidential candidate who no longer had to be a member of UNIP.
Before 1972, Zambia had three significant political parties, but only UNIP had a nationwide following.
Collections were carried out in the lower Rio Negro area of the state of Amazonas, Brazil, and voucher specimens are deposited in Herbario UNIP at Universidade Paulista in Sao Paulo.
However, in 1972, Kaunda's UNIP, determined to "weed out political opportunists," declared Zambia a one-party state.
As the UNIP sought to consolidate its control, it was bound to clash with organized religion.
Zambians voted in the general elections of October 1991 because they wanted a change of government after almost three decades of UNIP misrule.
The erosion of hard-won political legitimacy was evident in Zambia within eighteen months of the 1991 elections in statements like 'under UNIP it was cheaper' and (somewhat inaccurately) 'at least UNIP gave us free food'.
His first battle was to win the leadership of UNIP, or failing that, form his own party.
Mr Musokotwane, aware that he was being gradually marginalised by Mr Kaunda's supporters in the party, drove to the former President's house and demanded to know what his true position in the party was and what was "all this nonsense" he had been hearing from the grapevine that he (Kaunda) was returning to lead UNIP.
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