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UNIREUnione Nazionale Incremento Razze Equine (Italian: National Horse Breeding Union)
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Any person who organises betting or pools in respect of sporting events run by CONI, by organisations under the authority of CONI or by UNIRE shall be liable to the same penalty.
A meeting has been arranged in Rome between Gianni Letta, parliamentary under secretary to the President Silvio Berlusconi, and representatives of UNIRE and the newly formed crisis committee, which organised Wednesday's demonstration in the capital.
Cutting one race from every programme was proposed by UNIRE, but they left further policy at the discretion of the tracks, with the proviso that none of the many minor meetings should offer prizes of less than EUR30,000 on any day.
Limata won the right to be represented when the second sample taken from Il Cadetto was tested at the UNIRE laboratory at Settimo Milanese, the sales complex in Milan.
Unfortunately they were unable to reach an agreement with UNIRE, the Italian racing authority, where he was covering at the time, so they thought they would have nothing to lose by making enquiries about Seattle Dancer in Japan.
l l l l l l DAYANO, second in last year's Italian Derby, has been disqualified, subject to appeal, according to an announcement from UNIRE, the Italian Jockey Club.