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UNISAUniversity of South Africa
UNISAUniversity of South Australia
UNISAUniversiteit van Suid-Afrika (University of South Africa)
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Third, is it possible to come up with a collaborative research project on student writing between UNISA and a university?
SGRHS was a partnership of the University of Adelaide and UniSA that came to an end mid-2012.
The online questionnaires collected background biographical data in relation to age, sex, program currently being studied, postcode before joining UniSA, and current postcode.
Hy het die hoofbibliotekaris, Hans Zastrau, bygestaan--en stellig geinspireer--in die opbou van UNISA se biblioteek, en danksy Viljoen se onblusbare geesdrif vir hierdie saak kan UNISA vandag nog met besmoontlik die beste versameling boeke oor die Klassieke in die land spog.
Alhoewel haar aanstelling by Unisa eintlik op nagraadse vlak gerig was, het die skommelinge in die departement op 'n stadium daartoe gelei dat sy ook Praktiese Afrikaans--almal se nasiennagmerrie--moes hanteer.
It would be naive to suggest that ISO9001 is the complete answer; however, for UniSA, it does provide a formal management system and framework for identifying client requirements, setting organisational objectives, assigning responsibilities, managing human and material processes and monitoring the output of the system, including client satisfaction, with a view to continual improvement.
The UNISA Music Foundation was formed in 1990 to establish a Music Foundation Fund, organize international and national music competitions, organize public performances of music and other activities to promote the Music Foundation and music.
99, from River Island; Left: Flower power at its most sexy - Unisa wedges, pounds 60, from John Lewis; Right: Forget what they say about red shoes - cross strap wedge sandals, pounds 29.
99 or Miss Selfridge's limited edition Sunshine Leaf orange leather wedges, pounds 40, or Unisa floral wedges, pounds 60 at John Lewis.
de Jong, Afrikaans & Theory of Literature, UNISA, P.
The increasingly bizarre behaviour of the company has also caught the attention of UNISA - the United Nations International Security Agency - as well as famous biographer Haley Voss, who wants to write an expose of the youthful-looking tycoon.