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UNISYSUnited Information Systems (Sperry and Burroughs consolidation)
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The Unisys ES7000 gives us the performance we require in an environment that is highly flexible, manageable and scalable while ensuring minimal unplanned downtime," said Gary Clark, director of corporate IT services of La-Z-Boy.
The alliance benefits both new and existing clients by capitalizing on key elements from both Unisys and Oracle solution portfolios:
Unisys convinced us that it could fulfill these demands.
The Unisys solution is designed to make airport operations more secure and efficient and make it easier for travellers to go through the airport.
As part of its commitment to supporting its clients' efforts in migrating to the new systems, Unisys announces it is also a flagship member of the Microsoft Advanced Desktop Deployment Program (ADDP), whereby a key number of Unisys consultants are trained and ready to deploy the Windows Vista and the 2007 Microsoft Office system for clients.
With this agreement Unisys becomes Alfresco's first Platinum-level SI partner.
The flexibility and scalability of the Unisys ISM framework allows government agencies to access any data source and extend information-sharing across an entire justice and domestic security network.
Citing Unisys "great technical skills, years of experience, good prices, and top-notch global services" as key differentiators, the report says, "with the OASIS set of services offerings, Unisys steps ahead of most competitors in open source services by offering customers a robust suite of services at great prices and with strong service-level agreements (SLAs).
Unisys was among the first system providers to announce support for the new Itanium 2 processor 9000 series and played a major role in Intel's announcement here today.
This architecture is the first in the market to enable four operating environments - Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unisys OS2200 and MCP - to run simultaneously on the same computer system in a single virtualized partition.
Unisys expertise in outsourcing, as well as its deep industry knowledge in financial services, gives Unibanco a valuable partner to support our infrastructure with excellent operational and cost efficiency as we expand the services we provide our banking customers.
By facilitating application consolidation, Unisys JBMS can help enterprises implement Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) without disruption while lowering software license and operating costs, increasing performance, minimizing risk and maximizing return on investment.