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UNITInstituto Uruguayo de Normas Técnicas
UNITUnited Nations Intelligence Taskforce (Doctor Who)
UNITUnified Intelligence Taskforce (fictional organization; Doctor Who)
UNITUnited Housing and Development (Egypt; stock symbol)
UNITUndergraduate Nurses in Training (University of Pittsburgh)
UNITUniversal Network of Iowan Timelords
UNITUnited Nations Intelligence Team
References in classic literature ?
A number of great dignitaries of the Empire, in undress unit forms, came with them.
She was a unit and whole, so that whatsoever she did, became her.
It was obvious that to him Blanche Stroeve was only a unit to be added to the statistical list of attempted suicides in the city of Paris during the current year.
The Town, in fact much larger than the University, was also less of a unit.
As if the forces of the world were all at work to tear them asunder they sat, clasping hands, near enough to be taken even by the malicious eye of Time himself for a united couple, an indivisible unit.
He meant to be a unit who would make a certain amount of difference towards that spreading change which would one day tell appreciably upon the averages, and in the mean time have the pleasure of making an advantageous difference to the viscera of his own patients.
Below her Tara of Helium saw a great field entirely surrounded by the low building, and the lofty towers of which that in which she was imprisoned was but a unit.
He travelled over from America, merely a unit amongst the host of other passengers; yet his first action, on arriving at Liverpool, was to make use of privileges which belonged to an altogether different class of person, and culminated in his arrival at Euston in a special train with a dagger driven through his heart
His three hundred guinea entrance fee paid, his three sureties of five hundred pounds each found, his name approved by the Committee, and all other formalities complied with, he found himself whirling round, an insignificant unit, in the vortex of the money market of the world.
For an eternal second he stood in the midst of a portrait gallery, wherein she occupied the central place, while about her were limned many women, all to be weighed and measured by a fleeting glance, herself the unit of weight and measure.
I told the Commission that we were using higher unit stresses than any practice has established, and we've put the dead load at a low estimate.
His chief contribution to science was his studies of the electron and his monumental work on the "Identification of Matter and Energy," wherein he established, beyond cavil and for all time, that the ultimate unit of matter and the ultimate unit of force were identical.