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UNITESUncertainties and Interdisciplinary Transfers Through the End-to-end System
UNITESUnified Integrator of Transportation Engineering Software
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While Porthos and Mousqueton were breakfasting, with the appetites of convalescents and with that brotherly cordiality which unites men in misfortune, D'Artagnan related how Aramis, being wounded, was obliged to stop at Crevecoeur, how he had left Athos fighting at Amiens with four men who accused him of being a coiner, and how he, D'Artagnan, had been forced to run the Comtes de Wardes through the body in order to reach England.
The world has no better fish than the bass of Otsego; it unites the richness of the shad * to the firmness of the salmon.
We will not speak of it any more, then; renounce everything, even the brotherly feeling which unites us.