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UNIXUniplexed Information and Computing System
UNIXUniversal Interactive Executive
UNIXUniversal Network Information Exchange
UNIXUniversal Info Exchange
UNIX[not an acronym] UNIX is a pun on MULTICS
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Besides providing the Windows display interface for X applications running under the Interix subsystem, users can also configure the X server to access software running on remote UNIX and Linux hosts.
Developers are increasingly rehosting legacy UNIX applications on Windows using Services for UNIX," said Dennis Oldroyd, director, Windows Server Division.
net) states, "Most casual UNIX users regard lp and lpr as black holes into which print jobs disappear, and may or may not emerge.
Validation of Oracle9i Database on Open UNIX 8 introduces a new industry capability to deploy business critical applications and provides a clear path forward for mutual end users and industry partners.
2) The UNIX high-end enterprise server market consists of all UNIX systems with an average sales value of $500,000 and higher.
Open UNIX 8 is the most advanced deployment platform for industry standard Intel processor systems.
2 for UNIX will allow us to optimize the performance of engineering applications over various networking environments, while enhancing security and reducing costs for our customers.
Native UNIX syslogs provide limited information, failing to meet many of today's stringent regulations, such as HIPAA.
MigraTEC is proud to have been chosen by Microsoft as a key partner in the Solution for UNIX Migration program," said Wes Blair, vice president of sales and marketing, MigraTEC.
HP experienced tremendous growth in the high-end of the UNIX server market, anchored by the strong sales of the HP Superdome server.
HP packages UNIX operating systems as integrated operating environments, providing customers with business-critical capabilities to improve their operational efficiencies and reduce their total cost of ownership.