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UNIXUniplexed Information and Computing System
UNIXUniversal Interactive Executive
UNIXUniversal Network Information Exchange
UNIXUniversal Info Exchange
UNIX[not an acronym] UNIX is a pun on MULTICS
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Tripwire will work with Compaq to create and deliver more integrated security and integrity solutions to Tru64 UNIX customers.
HP took the number one position in high-end UNIX server revenue, surpassing Sun and IBM and demonstrating the strength and success of the HP Superdome server in comparison with Sun's and IBM's high-end server offerings.
Incorporating the Linux Kernel Personality (LKP) technology, Open UNIX 8 enables customers to run Linux and UNIX applications simultaneously with the complete flexibility of Linux and the same scalability and reliability inherent in UNIX systems.
For example, Caldera can independently establish scalability and stability comparisons between Open UNIX 8 and other platforms.
With Caldera's support, we are delivering a front-of-the-line solution to Shoppers Drug Mart via the SilverStream Application Server for Linux on Caldera UNIX," said Bill Critch, director of alliances, SilverStream Software, Inc.
Besides providing the Windows display interface for X applications running under the Interix subsystem, users can also configure the X server to access software running on remote UNIX and Linux hosts.
6 for SCO UNIX brings Rushmore query technology to the SCO UNIX platform for the first time; it is many times faster than FoxBASE+ for UNIX.
Developers are increasingly rehosting legacy UNIX applications on Windows using Services for UNIX," said Dennis Oldroyd, director, Windows Server Division.
net) states, "Most casual UNIX users regard lp and lpr as black holes into which print jobs disappear, and may or may not emerge.
NOTE: UNIX, UnixWare and Tuxedo are registered trademarks of Novell.
Validation of Oracle9i Database on Open UNIX 8 introduces a new industry capability to deploy business critical applications and provides a clear path forward for mutual end users and industry partners.
Wyse will certify, reference sell and support UNIX SVR4.