UNMASUnited Nations Mine Action Service
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To date, UNMAS has supported the United Nations Development programme (UNDP) Rubble Removal project in Shejaayea, one of the most affected areas of Gaza, clearing 166 locations.
7% of the total population) live within 500 metres of landmine contaminated areas," UNMAS reports.
UNMAS added Japan -- the leading donor to UN efforts to eradicate landmines -- had maintained its "strong support" for humanitarian demining in Afghanistan.
Kandahar's economy is primarily agriculture-based, but the land is also heavily mine-contaminated, with UNMAS estimating that nearly 26,000 residents live within 500 m of a minefield, said a statement.
Through the trust fund, the UAE is supporting work conducted by the Mine Action Coordination Center of Afghanistan (MACCA), a project of UNMAS.
In keeping with a process already in place for establishing international standards for mine action, UNMAS will promulgate mine action information standards.
that subsequent to UNMAS clearance, provided there is an end to hostilities,
It was set up by the UN Mine Action Service, UNMAS, which is responsible for UN involvement in landmine and cluster bomb clearance throughout the world.
The eleven agencies work under the overall coordination of the UNMAS.
AK 47 been handed to UNMAS staff while invited diplomats watch
The dogs, he added, are currently undergoing training with UNMAS and its MineTech contractors to acclimatize to their new environment.