UNMEEUnited Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea
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Kenya has peacekeepers in UNMEE, alongside Jordanian forces, the only forces remaining between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Eritrea's restrictions on UNMEE have been nearly universally perceived as an assault on the integrity of the UN with dangerous consequences for other UN missions and activities.
In UNMEE (Eritrea and Ethiopia), seven Chinese UNMOs serve with 2,280 military personnel monitoring the cessation of hostilities and helping ensure observance of the security commitments agreed between the two countries.
Annan said that UNMEE could maintain its present configuration ''albeit with a much degraded monitoring capacity,'' yet with a reduced presence, ''buy time for diplomatic initiatives to unblock the current dangerous stalemate.
None of the Irish soldiers against whom the allegations have been made were interviewed in the UNMEE investigation.
Operating as part of a battalion of Royal Dutch Marines in UNMEE, this is the Canadian contingent's first test of the Standby High Readiness Brigade (SHIRBRIG) concept for rapid deployment for UN peacekeeping operations.
Richard Ryder-Burbidge, head of UNMEE operations, says: "We're just starting up.
UNMIK (Kosovo) and UNMEE (Ethiopia/Eritrea) missions will be closed.
On January 16, the UN Security Council held consultations on the UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea (UNMEE), where members discussed four options for the Mission: reducing UNMEE's force size but maintaining its presence in the Temporary Security Zone (TSZ); relocating support elements from Eritrea to Ethiopia; transforming UNMEE into an observer mission; and reducing UNMEE to a liaison mission.
In response to the Eritrean request that staff with the United Nations Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea, known as UNMEE, from the United States, Canada and Europe, including Russia, leave the country within 10 days, the move was ''inconsistent with the authority of the Secretary General.
The task of UNMEE on the static Ethiopian-Eritrean border, bears little resemblance to the multi-dimensional tasks of UNMIL in Liberia, for example.
A source said the men, part of the UNMEE mission to the war-torn country, were lucky to escape with their lives.