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UNMETUnited Nations Mission in East Timor (est. 1999)
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Table 1: Distribution of unmet need for contraception by age (N = 105) Age group (years) Spacers (%) Limiters (%) Total 15-19 9 (100.
Unmet need for contraception was determined separately for women and men on the basis of their fecundity, contraceptive use and fertility intentions.
Due to a lack of appropriate longitudinal data, few studies have assessed the value of the unmet need measure for predicting future contraceptive use or compared outcomes among women classified as having an unmet need according to whether or not the women intend to use a method.
9-13] Concern regarding quality and harms of FP services, non-acceptance in family or community, inadequate information are some of the important reasons for the unmet need for FP.
In spite of the increasing recognition of neighbourhood as an important determinant of health and well-being, (21,24) questions about the role of neighbourhoods in shaping unmet health care needs remain largely un-addressed.
The most prevalent unmet needs for ancillary services among Hispanics/Latinos receiving outpatient HIV medical care were for non-HIV medical care services.
Therefore, there are considerably high unmet needs within the indication.
The publication draws on results based on the responses of nearly 80,000 Australians to the 2012 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers (SDAC), and presents information about people with disability who were identified as having an unmet need for formal assistance.
Over the past decade, the rising rates of contraceptive use have reduced the unmet need for family planning in most countries.
Although contraceptive prevalence has increased substantially in Sub-Saharan Africa during the past two decades, for the most part the gains have not been driven by a decline in unmet need, according to an analysis of Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data.
Currently, motivation and unmet need for family planning are, to an extent, assumed to be synonymous.