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UNMETUnited Nations Mission in East Timor (est. 1999)
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Unmet need for formal assistance refers to people with disability who reported a need for formal assistance and: Received some formal assistance for that need but not enough, or
For each survey, women aged 15-49 who were married or in a union were categorized, according to standard DHS definitions, as either being contraceptive users, having unmet need, having no need or being infecund.
According to the authors, reducing unmet need could best be achieved in two ways.
The people with no unmet needs reported a mean of 2 days per month with headache, compared with 3 days per month for the group with one unmet need, and 5 days per month for those who had two or more needs.
2% of children below 200% of poverty experienced unmet medical needs, the same percentage as those children whose family incomes were at 200% of poverty or higher.
By the time of the ICPD in 1994, the concept of unmet need was also helping to mediate between the concerns of governments and experts focused on population growth and those of people primarily interested in women's health and rights.
Caregivers were stratified by plan choice and asked if their child experienced unmet needs for specific services during the six month period prior to the interview.
Supports and Services for Adults and Children Aged 5-14 with Disabilities in Canada: An analysis of data on needs and gaps was commissioned by the Federal--Provincial--Territorial Ministers Responsible for Social Services in 2003 in order to "better understand the levels of need, both met and unmet, for disability supports," in Canada.
ILPs are charged with addressing the unmet needs of persons with disabilities in the community.
Unmet needs were identified in all areas of life functioning, with particular emphasis being placed on inaccessibility of transportation, lack of credit options for purchasing needed technology and inability to try out technology before purchasing it.
Use this report to understand how the cancer market is developing, identify areas of unmet medical need and align your product pipeline to achieve clinical and commercial success.
Estimates of unmet need for contraception calculated using only women's reported fertility intentions and contraceptive use may not be representative of couples' need.