UNMIHUnited Nations Mission In Haiti
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Although the MNF and the UNMIH successfully accomplished their assigned tasks, some of these achievements are fragile and subject to reversal.
Owing to these major but resolvable shortcomings, the HNP will not be capable of autonomously maintaining a secure and stable environment until long after the scheduled July 1, 1996, departure of the extended UNMIH mission.
This transition is fraught with uncertainty, and the continuing engagement of the international community, led by the United States, will be vital to assure that the successes of the MNF and UNMIH missions are sustained.
UNMIH will also need to maintain a highly visible profile and remain poised to assist the HNP as needed with its Quick Reaction Force.
The UN mandate had three primary objectives: 1) Neutralize armed opposition and create a secure environment for restoration of the legitimate government of Haiti; 2) Restore and preserve civil order; and 3) Be prepared to pass responsibility for military operations in Haiti to the UNMIH.
Before UNMIH took over the mission in March 1995, the MNF had been supported with military or police personnel from 15 other countries.
As with the initial planning, Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitien were still considered "centers of gravity" for the operation, and therefore urban security operations were especially important to achieving the "safe and secure environment" necessary for the eventual transition to UNMIH.
UNMIH was scheduled to assume responsibility for Haitian security at the end of March 1995 with a force of approximately 6000.
Special Forces soldiers in Haiti's interior provides a significant stabilizing capability UNMIH would otherwise lack.
In Haiti, security problems did not increase during the first month of UNMIH.
For MNF and UNMIH there was full joint recognition of the urgent need for a Haitian police force.
This is not consistent with Haiti's past and is complicated by largely subsurface tensions amongst various Haitian groups, and between them and the United States and UNMIH.