UNMIKUnited Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo
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Some of the activities of UNMIK came early in the sequence of tasks, such as humanitarian aid and threshold human security.
These joint efforts of UNMIK and KFOR are seen as a good example and success in cases of international administration in maintaining peace, as well as in promotion and protection of human rights.
in March 2006 by UNMIK regulation 2006/10, (63) and again by the October
UNMIK gradually turned over more governing competencies to local authorities.
The Court therefore turns to the question whether the [DOI] of 17 February 2008 has violated the Constitutional Framework established under the auspices of UNMIK.
UNMIK administered Kosovo from 1999 when Nato forces drove out Yugoslav troops amid bloody ethnic fighting between Serbs and Albanians, but it gave up its administrative role in 2008 when Kosovo declared independence.
The worst clash to date took place on March 17 in the aftermath of a Serb attempt to occupy a government building in northern Mitrovica; UNMIK and NATO arrests of the occupiers prompted clashes with rioters which resulted in the death of a U.
Information on domestic narcotics consumption is not systematically gathered, but PISG and UNMIK officials agree that there is a growing local market and that illegal drug use is on the rise.
O governo servio, ao incentivar o boicote as eleicoes de novembro, negou a legitimidade da UNMIK e da KFOR e dificultou as negociacoes.
Since June 1999, UNMIK has provided transitional administration for Kosovo, and retains ultimate authority over anti-trafficking roles such as police and justice, but is slowly transferring capacity to local institutions.
Government discusses religious freedom issues with UNMIK, the PISG, and religious representatives as part of its overall policy to promote human rights.
This restriction was imposed by UNMIK in order to prevent a situation from arising where international creditors could attempt to recover their loans directly from the UN.