UNMISUnited Nations Mission in Sudan
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A senior humanitarian official, speaking to Reuters on condition of anonymity, said the UNMIS withdrawal would have a devastating impact on civilians in Southern Kordofan and other disputed areas.
WFP staff as well as staff from UNMIS and other organizations also
Although UNMIS headquarters are in Khartoum, most staff are based in the south, which voted overwhelmingly to split from the north in a January referendum.
UNMIS went on to urge all parties "to continue to maintain peace following the announcement of the results today," adding that complaints regarding the election process should be addressed through legal means or dialogue.
The dispatch of GSDF personnel to the UNMIS command center could provide an opportunity for Japan to determine whether there are other peacekeeping activities in southern Sudan that would be suitable for GSDF units to be involved with.
With more than 70 countries, including China, South Korea, India and other Asian nations, currently participating in UNMIS, Japan is scrambling to catch up in order to promote its leadership as president of the Group of Eight countries this year and to score marks for its bid for a permanent seat on the U.
UNMIS pooh-poohed the report, which it said was "far from the reality on the ground.
So far, UNMIS has been making adjustments to the deployment of its existing troops, overstretchedly deployed throughout the ceasefire zone, to defuse tensions," Menkerios said.
UNMIS troops prepare to patrol town of Abyei (UN Photo service/Stuart Price)
The decision was taken at a meeting of a joint committee, comprising representatives of the north and the south and chaired by UNMIS Force Commander Major General Moses Obi, the statement said.
Nobody thinks it is realistic to put UNMIS, even if we had masses more troops, along the north-south border in a country that large," the US official told reporters, speaking on condition of anonymity.
observers staff officers and soldiers, UNMIS said in its statement.