UNMPUnmapped Input Output
UNMPUniversity of New Mexico Press
UNMPUnited Nations Millennium Project
UNMPUnião Nacional de Moradia Popular (Portuguese: National Union for Popular Housing; Brazil)
UNMPUnited Nations Military Police
UNMPUser Name Mapping Protocol
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A comparison of the two adaptive approaches--focused adaptation and economic development--with primary mitigation of global warming, based on work undertaken by the UNMP and the IPCC, indicates that either adaptive approach will, for a fraction of the cost of any significant emission reductions, deliver greater benefits for human health and well-being.
Las asignaturas del Area Habilidades Linguisticas del Profesorado de Ingles de la UNMP, tienen como objetivo primordial promover un manejo fluido y eficaz del idioma manifestado a traves de sus cuatro macro-habilidades: escuchar, hablar, leer, y escribir.
This chapter breaks down total costs of the UNMP proposals for funding into three components: overseas aid, government expenditure and household expenditure.
Unidad Integrada INTA Balcarce, Facultad de Ciencas Agrarias UNMP.
The dummy variables on the regional labor market conditions, UNMP, produce a common finding that high wages are earned during periods of high unemployment.
Unidad Integrada INTA Balcarce - Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias UNMP.