UNOCAUnited Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian and Economic Assistance Programmes relating to Afghanistan
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He said, "As a result of the support provided by UNOCA and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, journalist from Central Africa adopted a code of conduct articulating their responsibilities in support of peaceful electoral processes.
On the behalf of the Council members, Cherif said the Council urged UNOCA, in its coordination role, as well as the United Nations political and peacekeeping missions in the region and other relevant United Nations presences, to enhance their efforts in support of the implementation of the United Nations Regional Strategy to Address the Threat and Impact of the Activities of the LRA.
Ambassador and Alternate Representative for Special Political Affairs to the United Nations, at a UN Security Council Meeting on UNOCA and the Lord's Resistance Army," November 14, 2011.
Established only five years ago, UNOCA has proven its usefulness in addressing the peace and security challenges facing the subregion of Central Africa.
UNOCA and the ECCAS Secretariat recently signed a revised memorandum of understanding, which defines the operational framework of cooperation, collaboration and interaction for action in various fields ranging from conflict prevention and resolution to counter-terrorism to assistance with regard to electoral processes.
As the Governments of the subregion continue to address the challenges facing Central Africa including terrorism, the presence of armed groups, illicit trafficking in wildlife, maritime insecurity and piracy and human rights issues you can count on the partnership and full support of UNOCA, the Department of Political Affairs, and the United Nations system.
UNOCA has continued its active engagement to fill coordination gaps on the LRA issue over the past six month, convening the bi-annual meeting of LRA focal points in April and also, together with the AU and other UN partners, organizing a workshop in March to identify more clearly the respective roles and responsibilities of different actors in LRA-affected countries that are assisting LRA members who have defected or escaped from the group, Mr.
In all of UNOCAs work, he noted, principal partner remains the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), and during the reporting period, the two institutions have focused on the further strengthening of their relationship.