UNODCUnited Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
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UNODC will also render assistance in the process of developing a local crime prevention strategy and its further implementation with participation of local self-governance bodies, local crime prevention centres and civil society.
Cultivation was concentrated in the south and west of the country in areas where insecurity and organised crime are present", UNODC said.
The high level of opium prices reported in 2011 was one of the principal factors that led to the increase in opium poppy cultivation in 2012," the UNODC report reads.
Sarah Walker, a senior official of the UNODC, said many mothers were giving opium to their children in northern Afghanistan.
The UNODC director also visited a memorial to the more than 3,700 border officers who have died battling drug traffickers since the revolution.
In November, Colombia and UNODC signed an historic project agreement, valued at around US$315 million, to monitor the country's policy to reduce illicit crops and strengthen rural development, in support of the peace process with the FARC.
The committee has put forward 30 recommendations which reflect the capacity, process, legislative improvements The recommendations would also act as a road-map and a cornerstone to UNODC and the EU's intervention in the province under the "Pakistan's Action to Counter Terrorism Project.
The Chairman NAB said NABs interaction/collaboration with UNODC Pakistan has increased from the past.
UNODC executive director Yury Fedotov said "match fixing has increasingly being viewed as a crime, it needs to be addressed brought to legislative responses and effective investigative powers, particularly in youth, of its links with organised crime, corruption and money laundering.
Construction of the new municipal police station is a result of the partnership between UNODC and the Interior Ministry in support of the implementation of the National Strategy on Sustainable Development of the Kyrgyz Republic and Police Reform Measures, adopted by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in 2013.
Despite the increase in eradication what really matters is the increase in cultivation," said Gary Lewis, UNODC Regional Representative for East Asia and the Pacific, in a statement.
UNODC Pakistan Representative Jeremy Douglas said Afridi was chosen for the job because he "plays from the heart.