UNOMIGUnited Nations Observer Mission In Georgia
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176) These same problems plague the joint peacekeeping initiative of the UNOMIG and CIS, where Russia's involvement in the Georgia/Abkhazia conflict is relatively unchecked by the United Nations and has resulted in numerous violations of international law.
As mentioned previously, the UNOMIG and CIS mandates are parallel but independent.
The report welcomed progress the two sides had made in implementing Resolution 1716 (2006), particularly the continuation of joint patrolling of the Kodori Valley by UNOMIG and the CIS peacekeeping force.
On September 21, 2007, with the consent of the Georgian authorities and the de facto Abkhaz authorities, an UNOMIG fact-finding team began an independent inquiry into the incident, noting that it took place outside of UNOMIG's area of responsibility.
On October 3, 2007, the Secretary-General released his fourth quarterly report noting that UNOMIG had observed a relative calm in the zone of conflict since his last report in July, except for the deadly clash on September 20, the most serious incident involving the Georgian and Abkhaz sides in many years.
The Secretary-General asserted that UNOMIG had been conducting daily verification of the claims, many of which had not been confirmed by the situation on the ground.
The UN, the CIS, and the RF discussed the relationship between UNOMIG and the CIS peacekeepers.
It expresses satisfaction with "the close cooperation and coordination between UNOMIG and CIS peacekeeping force.
It encourages cooperation between UNOMIG and the CIS peacekeeping force to provide for the return of refugees.