UNOMILUnited Nations Observer Mission In Liberia
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During the decisions on the political posts, demobilization became imminent as UNOMIL began to reach its full military force of 303 military observers and began to deploy within Liberia (UN 1997:4).
The full deployment of UNOMIL also signaled the commencement of disarmament and demobilization, which the Cotonou Accord stipulated would occur concomitantly with the installation of the transitional government (Part II political issues: Sect.
After some NPFL combatants took forty-three UNOMIL military observers hostage on September 9, the UN started to withdraw.
Between 1993 and 1995, the transitional government was convened, UNOMIL commenced deployment into NPFL territory, and demobilization began.
In the first attempt, having allowed UNOMIL access to its areas, the NPFL found itself politically and militarily vulnerable.
Salvador): $2,677,182; UNMIH (Haiti): $1,448,861; UNOMIL (Liberia):
Salvador): $2,677,182; UNMIH (Haiti): $1,418,861; UNOMIL (Liberia):
The future both of ECOMOG and UNOMIL was also in doubt as it became evident that elections could not be held by the specified date of 7 September 1994.