UNOMSAUnited Nations Observer Mission in South Africa
UNOMSAUniversity of New Orleans Muslim Students Association
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So concerned was UNOMSA at the prospect of a breakdown of security that it asked that the Security Council require it to 'monitor the compliance of the security forces' with the provisions of the relevant laws and TEC decisions.
As the UN report explains: 'The extent to which UNOMSA was able to monitor the actual conduct of the count was limited by the need, for budgetary reasons, to withdraw most international electoral observers before the end of the count'.
However, when the UNOMSA chief of mission suggested that it might be 'logical' to withdraw these privileges in due course in the interests of levelling the playing field, the PAC (which was sensitive to the charge of terrorism) was outraged.
UNOMSA planning for the election began early in 1993.
The General Assembly and the Security Council were in conflict over control of UNOMSA.
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South Africa was not asked to share the cost of UNOMSA with the UN, though it was financially able to do so.
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One UNOMSA observer has noted that: 'New York in my experience never came back to the Mission on matters raised in its reports'.
One UNOMSA observer took it upon himself to act as adviser to Holomisa on how to handle his conflict with Pretoria over the alleged APLA bases in Transkei.
Angela King, UNOMSA chief of mission, was also outspoken at times; see, for example, Business Day, 4 November 1993, p.
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