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UNOSOMUnited Nations Operation in Somalia
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Central Command rather than to UNOSOM II; see United States Army in Somalia, p 18.
Relations between the UN and the Somalis, particularly Aidid, plunged under UNOSOM II.
Therefore, "the mandate of UNOSOM II, as approved by the Security Council in resolution 814 (1993) under Chapter VII of the Charter, covered the whole territory of Somalia and included:
71) In effect, Resolution 814 established UNOSOM II, the first UN peacekeeping operation authorized to undertake enforcement actions under Chapter VII.
In sharp contrast, the UNOSOM II effort (dubbed Operation Continue Hope by U.
My own field research in the Horn of Africa during the summer of 2005 turned up evidence that it was UNOSOM II itself that unwittingly facilitated the expansion of the influence of the radical Somali Islamic Union (al-Itihaad), which has been linked to al-Qa'eda, by employing the group's operatives as subcontractors in southern Somalia during the ill-fated humanitarian mission.
under UNOSOM II, due to both an ambiguous and half-hearted international
By late April 1992, the situation had so deteriorated that the UNSC passed a resolution establishing UNOSOM (United Nations Operations in Somalia), including the immediate deployment to Somalia of 50 UN observers and a 500-person armed security force (Woods 1997).
Task Force 2-87 was a component of the Unified Task Force (UNITAF), the transitional force between the United Nations Operation in Somalia I (UNOSOM I) and UNOSOM II.
By November 1992, the security situation had deteriorated so badly that security for UNOSOM was turned over to the Unified Task Force, an international coalition, which included U.
See Report of the Commission of Inquiry Established Pursuant to Security council Resolution 885 (1993) to Investigate Armed Attacks on UNOSOM II Personnel Which Led to Casualties Among Them, paras.
But with relative calm in Mogadishu, political advisers from the United Nations Operation in Somalia, UNOSOM, say militia allied to the powerful faction leader and U.