UNPCUnited Nations Peacebuilding Commission (est. 2006)
UNPCUnited Nations Palestine Commission
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And UNPC officials warn that the current situation could have negative repercussions across the sugar sector, not only driving producers out of business but also the sugar mills that buy the cane.
If sugar sells at prices below the necessary margin for millers to obtain earnings--at least to meet their costs of production--the industry faces a high risk of its mills closing, which would cause the loss of jobs," said UNPC official Daniel Perez Valdes.
This could unleash a climate of violence around the country, especially in the 15 states where sugarcane is produced," said the UNPC leader.
The CNOC has joined the UNPC and other organizations in criticizing what they see as the government's inadequate policies.
The CNOC and the UNPC have teamed up with legislators from the special committee on coffee (Comision Especial del Cafe) in the Chamber of Deputies to draft the Ley de Cafeticultura.