UNPDUnited Nations Population Division
UNPDUnited Nations Procurement Division
UNPDUnited Nations Program for Development
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As may be seen, according to UNPD estimates and projections, all 48 Muslim-majority countries and territories witnessed fertility decline over the three decades under consideration To be sure: For some high-fertility or extremely-high-fertility venues in sub-Saharan Africa, where TFRS (total fertility rates) in the six to eight range prevailed in the late 1970s, declines are believed to have been marginal (think of Sierra Leone, Mali, Somalia, and Niger).
SEE FIGURE 6] It contraposes UNPD estimates or projections of fertility for diverse Muslim-majority countries and territories for the 2005/10 period against those of the US states and the District of Columbia for the year 2007.
In fact, Mexico is one of the few developing countries facing negative rates of population growth under the UNPD forecasted period, a clear consequence of one of the world's most pronounced fertility declines.
UNPD, NY, especialmente los subcapitulos dedicados a: (a) The State of Human Development pp.
The latest forecasts by the UNPD show the number of people in the world shrinking by mid-century, that is, before today's young adults reach retirement age.
Data on immigration and emigration are from UNPD (2005) and Ratha and Shaw (2007).
A statement by the UNPD said that by signing the above agreements, and over its lifetime stretching from the beginning of 1993 until now, the GEF SGP would have supported (140) projects for a total grant value of around $4.
In the early 1950s, again according to UNPD estimates, 156 out of every 1,000 children born around the world did not survive their first year; by the beginning of the 21st century, that toll was down to 57 per 1,000.
UNPD The United Nations Environment Programmed (UNEP), the World Bank, the World Resources Institute: A Guide to World Resources 2000-2001: People and Ecosystems: The Fraying Web of Life, 2000
In its 2002 Report on Human Development, the UNPD said that Chile is a case "where the influence of military power in the institutional life of the country remains beyond the reinstallation of democracy.
Humaidan reaffirmed the ministry's keenness on bolstering the existing fruitful cooperation and effective partnership with the UNPD and benefiting from its expertise and capabilities in the implementation of labour and social development strategies in harmony with the Government Action Plan.
Representatives of State Osh Oblast Administration, UNPD Peace and Development Program, Kyrgyzstan, NGOs, women councils, crisis centers and women leaders participated in the seminar.