UNPFUnited Nations Population Fund
UNPFUnion Nationale des Pharmacies de France
UNPFUnited Nations Peacekeeping Force (Nicosia, Cyprus)
UNPFUnified Protocol Framework
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Ambassador welcomed Moses, expressing Sudan's keenness to development of UNPF projects in the context of national development prioritie.
The grant will allow UNPF to help provide healthy meals and nutritional education to hundreds of children and their families.
UNPF has been providing assistance to at-risk children since 1995.
He was the leader of the leftist National Union of Popular Forces, or UNPF, which he founded, and was accused of plotting to overthrow Hassan.
Mikdad underscored Syria's interest in the visit of the UN delegation which represents a number of brotherly and friendly countries, to convey the image of the development Syria has been recently witnessing to the UNDP and the UNPF.
Bilal underscored the role of media as a conveyer of information and a partner with the UNDP and UNPF and NGOs in tackling development issues.
AaAaAaAa Sawsan bint Dawood al Lawatiyah, Supervisor of the Technical Office for the National Committee for Population delivered a speech where she said that the UNPF has played a distinguished role not only on the Sultanate's level but also on the AGCC level and contributed to enhancing the national efforts in the field of availing information and data on population and family health.