UNPOUnrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation
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According to a UNPO report, soldiers killed more than 1,000 Ogonis over the next several days, wounding, raping, and displacing thousands more - all in the name of what the government called the "Restoration of Law and Order.
Richard Boele, 1995, Ogoni: Report of the UNPO Mission to Investigate the Situation of the Ogoni of Nigeria.
The raison d'etre of UNPO is that since its members were not adequately represented at international forum like the United Nations (UN), therefore UNPO was created with a noble mission: to help minorities, marginalized communities and sub nationalities to find a platform from where they could raise their voice, maintain their identity and avoid getting sidelined or face total exclusion.
It has been observed that a few members of UNPO in EU and USA are involved in instigating Pakistani nationals to participate in anti state activities, support insurgency and promote dissent.
All peace loving citizens of Pakistan in particular and the world community in general should denounce and condemn the activities of UNPO for supporting the separatists and exposing its evil nexus with the sub nationalists.
UNPO is violating its own charter and the basic convention which prohibits its members from participating in any activities which involve violence or are aimed at regime change.
No imperial agenda or macabre plans of UNPO to promote anti Pakistan plots will be allowed to succeed.