UNPPUnited Nigeria Peoples Party (Nigeria)
UNPPUnited National People's Party (Sierra Leone)
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First, the various groups that (during the runup to the 2003 elections) metamorphosed from NASSOC, NSA to UNDP to registered parties before breaking into NDP, UNPP and others, had been working on their own.
Jibril Vice: Chief Elemosho Babatunde Tajudeen PDP PRES: CHIEF OLUSEGUN OBASANJO VICE: ALHAJI ATIKU ABUBAKAR PMP Pres: Nwankwo Agwucha Arthur Vice: Batubo Benett Raymond PRP Pres: Musa Abdukadir Balarabe Vice: Okafor Ernest Ngozi UNPP Pres: Sen.
Open Competition: Notice of an open competition for the right to enter into a contract to supply the climate chamber for the needs of UNPP Lightning.