UNPREDEPUnited Nations Preventive Deployment Force
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As said, UNPREDEP was supposed to assist the country's social and economic development along with other agencies and organizations of the UN system.
The NATO intervention gave impetus to the negative factors, especially since UNPREDEP had been terminated in February 1999.
20) Includes UNPROFOR, UNCRO and one year of UNPREDEP
22) Regrettably, when a permanent member of the Security Council, China, vetoed further extension of the mission's mandate in February 1999, UNPREDEP came to an end.
About 1,100 UNPREDEP soldiers are currently stationed in the former Yugoslav republic to prevent any expansion of destabilizing conflicts in the region.
The UNPREDEP mission is to serve as a peace observer force along Macedonia's border with Albania and Serbia, including Kosovo.
military personnel serving on the UNPREDEP staff round out the American presence in Macedonia.
Preventive Deployment UNPREDEP March 1995- "Macedonia" Force Feb.
628, FAA Total UNTSO (Middle East) 11 0 11 UNIKOM (Iraq-Kuwait) 15 0 15 MINURSO (Western Sahara) 30 0 30 UNCRO (Croatia) 0 365 365 UNPREDEP (Macedonia) 248 [42%] 324 [58%] 559 UNPROFOR (Bosnia- 0 3 3 Herzegovina) UNMIH (Haiti) 453 [20%] 1,814 [80%] 2,267 UNOMIG (Georgia) 4 0 4 TOTAL 748 2,506 3,254 Table 4.