UNRCUnited Nations Resident Coordinator
UNRCUltra-Narrow Row Cotton (agriculture)
UNRCUrology and Nephrology Research Center (Tehran, Iran)
UNRCUnified National Round Coarse
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La naturaleza de la actividad involucra esfuerzos continuos de innovacion, donde se pueden identificar procesos de I&D propios y en conjunto con la UNRC, sumados a la incorporacion de equipos mejorados de diagnostico y produccion.
Ecologia, Departamento de Ciencias Naturales, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Fisico-Quimicas y Naturales, UNRC, ruta 36km 601, Rio Cuarto, Cordoba, Argentina; cbionda@exa.
Cursos de Produccion Bovina de Carne FAV UNRC, 2008.
The authors are thankful to SeCyT UNT 26:D434 ; SeCyT UNRC, MinCyT Cordoba and CONICET.
UNRC Service) (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, National Soil Survey Center: Washington, DC)
UNRC is generally planting using a row-spacing of 38 cm or less and no-tillage production practices.
Table 7 Montana's Projected Population Growth Rates 2000-2025 by UNRC Administrative Units 2000 2025 Projected Population Population Growth Rate Central Land Office 286,947 365,603 28% Northeastern Land Office 79,729 76,759 -4% Eastern Land Office 48,009 47,952 -0.
Generally, plant densities in UNRC production are [is greater than] 24.
and calden; 12 km NNE of Naico, Estancia Los Toros (Site 6): Eight males (TTU 64393, TTU 64395, TTU 64397, TTU 64399, TTU 64401, TTU 64402, TTU 64403, RVP247) and eight females (TTU 64394, TTU 64392, TTU 64396, TTU 64398, TTU 64400, TTU 66519, UNRC 163, UNRC 164), young ("renoval") calden forests and pastures; Parque Luro (Site 7): Four males (RVP 248, RVP 249, UNRC 165, UNRC 166) and two females (RVP 250, UNRC 167), open Espinal forests of calden.
UNRC expressed deep appreciation over the level of security measures extended by the Government since the immediate aftermath of the Gulshan incident.
Khuda Buksh inaugurated the ceremony, followed by remarks from PDMA, Embassy of Japan in Pakistan, UN-Habitat, MHI, and UNRC and HC.