UNREPUnderway Replenishment
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The first new UNREP (E-STREAM) system will be developed, tested and deployed through the work carried out under the current agreement.
When we were not needed for UNREP we pulled back into formation with other support ships while the carriers did their job and the destroyers did theirs.
It is a lot safer than just putting a new Sailor onto a ship and expecting them to know what to do during an actual UNREP.
Once advised the FAN antenna was working, CPR-7 re-tasked the ships to maneuver to the original FAN test formation following the UNREP.
Teaching each individual part, what every part does and why it's important will help not only the Sailors when they perform their next UNREP, but it will also give them the tools to train their other Sailors," added Vandorst.
Despite having never tested their method for UNREP, Maumee's crew successfully re-fueled 34 destroyers using a four-inch fueling hose supported by a wooden saddle suspended from cargo booms.
Seeing how the ship conducted the UNREP, via both VERTREP and CONREP evolutions, was truly a fascinating new experience for me.
For most ships an UNREP is something they are on the receiving end of, but not for Lenthall's crew.
The launch of the second aircraft was then delayed by the ship because of an UNREP period.
They're out on station, transferring fuel during every UNREP, then they go and do the preventative maintenance on their equipment.