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The program will focus on a number of emerging themes in UNRWA's work, such as protection, camp governance, community engagement, and camp improvement, and will identify policy and research needs while exploring how UNRWA and academia can work together to address priorities, and how UNRWA should prepare itself for the future.
At the moment, UNRWA has no means of accessing the refugee camp or transporting in and around.
UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre KrEnhenbE-hl said: "This welcome donation comes at a crucial time for UNRWA as developments in the region dramatically increase the needs of our refugees, many of whom are caught up in the civil war in Syria and who are living under blockade and occupation in Gaza and the West Bank.
She also held senior management roles at UNRWA from 2011 to 2013; first as the Director of UNRWA Operations in Jordan and later as Chief of Staff.
The European Union is UNRWA's leading donor and has a long standing history of supporting UNRWA through its regular budget, emergency appeals and projects.
Our contribution today recognizes the unprecedented scale of the humanitarian crisis, as well as the enormous demands on agencies such as UNRWA and the extraordinary generosity of Lebanon, which is now home to some 730,000 refugees from Syria," Costello said.
The Palestinian Affairs Department, which has jurisdiction over the refugee camps, had repeatedly refused comment to Petra on the strike, which will hit UNRWA services in the camps spread across the Kingdom.
Let me remind you that UNRWA is experiencing a serious financial crisis which threatens its ability to maintain services through the end of this year and into 2011," he said, adding that the agency needed $80 million until the end of 2010.
In response, tens of UNRWA employees and students took to the streets in the last few weeks to protest the possible cuts to refugees services and the delay which would undermine students right to education.
JICA has always been a great supporter of UNRWA and the Palestine refugees, said Director of UNRWA Operations in Gaza Robert Turner.
Gaza City is one of five areas in the Gaza Strip, a coastal enclave where UNRWA serves some 1.
Diego Escalona-Paturel, and the Deputy Director of UNRWA in Lebanon Mr.