UNSCOPUnited Nations Special Committee On Palestine
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The book also contains an appendix of maps of various partition plans of the Mandatory Palestine, including the Zionist territorial proposal of 1919, Peel Commission of 1937, majority and minority plan of the UNSCOP of 1947 as well as the UN partition plan of 1947.
UNSCOP unanimously recommended an end to the British Mandate, but was divided on what should come next.
Legalists will remind us that UN General Assembly resolutions are only recommendations, but given the historical role of UNSCOP in the creation of Israel, this legal point will be swept aside.
After some deliberation, it became clear that UNSCOP itself was bitterly divided and could not achieve a consensus.
UNSCOP recommended partition to an Ad Hoc Committee (made up of 55 countries) and the latter voted (25 in favour, 13 against with 17 abstaining) to present the partition resolution to the General Assembly (GA) for debate and approval.
Unfortunately, the Arab Higher Committee took the unwise step of abstaining from collaborating with UNSCOP in carrying out its investigations and preparing its proposals for the solution of the Palestine question.
In August 1946, UNSCOP presented the General Assembly with its majority plan to partition Palestine, stretch the immigration of 150,000 Jews over a two-year transitional period, and grant independence to Jewish and Arab states thereafter.
The majority of UNSCOP members favored the first plan to partition the country into two states, Jewish and Palestinian Arab.
No representatives from any Arab nations, however, were included in UNSCOP.
the Peel Commission Plan), "United Nations Plan for Partition, 1947" (again it is the UNSCOP plan, but without Jerusalem being internationalized), and "United Nations Plan for Partition, 1948" (actually showing the 1949 armistice lines, but with Gaza again going to Israel).
Aa Pappe quotes Simcha Flapan, one of the first Israeli Jews to challenge the conventional Zionist version of the 1948 events, as saying that had the Arabs/Palestinians decided to go along with the Partition Resolution, "the Jewish leadership would have been sure to reject the map UNSCOP (the UN Special Committee on Palestine) offered them".