UNSFUnited Nations Security Force
UNSFUnited Nations Special Fund
UNSFUnited Nations Space Force (fictional unit)
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In these circumstances, with the world focusing its eyes on the UNSF, the Pakistani composite force comprising 14 Punjab Regiment, 18 Punjab Regiment and support elements, disembarked on the coast of Sorong after completing 6000 miles sea voyage on 8 Oct 1962.
Peacekeeping operations, unlike enforcement measures, can be authorized by the General Assembly (GA), but the GA has only done this on two occasions: UNEF 1 (United Nations Emergency Force) which was established to secure the withdrawal of troops from Egyptian territory and to serve as a buffer between Egypt and Israel; and UNSF (United Nations Security Force) which was created to maintain peace and security in the West Irian territory, UN Peacekeeping History, 1 INT'L PEACEKEEPING 1, 9 (1994).
Security Force in West New UNSF West Irian Guinea Oct.