UNSFIRUnited Nations Support Facility for Indonesian Recovery
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This means that we cannot answer some of the questions the UNSFIR datasets address related to temporal variation.
The Scope and Scale of Violence: Comparing the UNSFIR and KDP/CCN Datasets
In order to compare our data with those of UNSFIR it is necessary to ensure that the definition of what is included and what is not is consistent across datasets.
Indeed, further comparative analysis of the data reveals the extent to which the number of deaths reported in UNSFIR is significantly lower than the number our method revealed.
The UNSFIR dataset severely underestimates the impacts associated with this type of violence.
Yet our data show significant impacts from collective violence in districts that UNSFIR did not find to be particularly conflict-prone, suggesting that violence is distributed more widely across Indonesia.
UNSFIR focuses primarily on those disputes in the bottom right-hand box--communal clashes--and to a lesser extent on those in the bottom left-hand box.
This case is presumably included in the UNSFIR dataset, because the line of causality is fairly clear.
If we include such cases, we find over six times as many conflict-related deaths as does UNSFIR (Table 2).