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UNSPSCUnited Nations Standard Products and Services Code
UNSPSCUniversal Standard Products and Services Classification
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TTR started with the list of commodities contained within the UNSPSC.
Although UDDI does not check or validate classification and identification information beyond NAICS, UNSPSC, and ISO 3166, UDDI.
Furthermore, e-commerce typically needs substructure below the lowest level of the UNSPSC (commodity level) to specify products and their properties in some detail.
As a result it was forced to adopt a third standard - the publicly available UNSPSC standard in order to accommodate the full range of Danish businesses.
It will also deliver a common platform for mapping disparate supplier and buyer schemas to the industry-standard UNSPSC schema and help pave the way for supplier enablement for e-Procurement.
UNSPSC 1 Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services - (100%)
Spend transactions can be auto-classified to both standard industrial taxonomies, such as UNSPSC and NAICS, as well as to custom taxonomies.
UNSPSC 1 Nonresidential building construction services - (100%)
UNSPSC 1 Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services - (100%)
UNSPSC 1 Business function specific software - (100%)