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UNSUBUnknown Subject of an Investigation
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Unsub Cinderella finds another ball to attend where she finds another beau she thinks is the one.
The unsub is a product of another disastrous home environment.
In a classic "Criminal Minds" move, it becomes a race against time to get to the unsub, as the next targeted aircraft, bearing more than 300 passengers, goes under his control.
The BAU team split up to hasten the chase for the unsub as another victim has been reported in.
But as fans following "Criminal Minds" Season 10 spoilers, the case turned another alley of interesting when Kerr Smith, the known unsub, appears to be your regular family man and father.
Unlike Alex Blake, who had operated silently in the background as a linguist specialist, Callahan may actually be shaping up to be a take-charge kind of character, at least according to Messer's teasing statement regarding her showdown with the unsub.
Smith will be one of the creepier unsubs this season, as he takes on the role of a collector of human limbs, going by the name of Frank Cowles.
Owen McGregor, the unsub who had set up Preacher Mills, turns out to be a policeman, and has already framed another person, a close associate of the preacher, to take the blame.
Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) after having been caught in the crossfire with the unsub.
Though this starts as a fairly regular case, wherein the unsub is targeting prostitutes in Texas, the BAU team has called in and told to drop everything to attend to the case.
Or the seemingly ritualistic, but very twisted way that the unsub had transformed his victims (clue: they became live puppets for a theater) in The Lesson?
com reports that given that Baumgartner is set to appear in the latter episode of the season, there may be a possibility that he can be the Big Bad Unsub for the season.