UNTUniversity of North Texas
UNTUniversidad Nacional de Tucumán (Argentina)
UNTUnión Nacional de Trabajadores (Spanish: National Union of Workers, Mexico)
UNTUpsala Nya Tidning (Swedish newspaper)
UNTUniversités Numériques Thématiques (French: Thematic Digital Universities)
UNTUntil Next Time
UNTUndergraduate Navigator Training
UNTUnst Shetland Islands, Scotland, United Kingdom (Airport Code)
UNTUnix and NT (Gartner Group Market Definition)
UNTUsinage et Nouvelles Technologies (Morbier, France)
UNTUnited National Test (education)
UNTUnderground Nuclear Test
UNTUn Nuevo Tiempo (Venezuelan political party)
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Brown, who has accepted a job as associate vice chancellor of academic affairs at the UNT System.
The UNT Division of Jazz Studies plans to publish new editions of Puerling's arrangements through the newly formed publishing entity, North Texas Jazz Press.
This cohort is proceeding to UNT under Research Fellowship Program which is part of a threeyear long academic partnership between NUML and UNT to boost the research and academic culture in the University.
The performance benefits the UNT Health Science Center Foundation in support of the university's research, education and health care mission.
Introducing about the program, Registrar (also the Project Director of NUML-UNT Partnership program from NUML's side) Brig (R) Saeed Akhtar Malik told that said group of faculty members was at advanced stage of their MPhil and PhD programs and would conduct their dissertations under the supervision of an American supervisor at UNT.
The University of North Texas System, which includes UNT and the UNT Health Science Center, rose to educational leadership in the North Texas region.
UNT has five dining halls on campus-three more than most campuses of its size--so having the space to convert one to all vegan wasn't a problem.
Simple changes in the legacy systems took many times longer to complete than they do on our updated storage network and were in no way as intuitive as they are in the current interface," says Maurice Leatherbury, associate vice president for computing and chief technology officer, UNT.
I'm a people person and I love that my job allows me to interact with a diverse group of people," she said, citing that three UNT graduates have signed leases based on her recommendation.
Business students at UNT and TWU are required to take other courses beyond their discipline; therefore these students will likely represent the total population of business students.
From SMI's revolutionary MEMS fabrication processes to the micro- and nanoscale research being conducted at RPI, UTD, and UNT, each participant is a vital contributor in this innovative program.