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UNTACUnited Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia
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After UNTAC, the Cambodian authorities launched a general review and re-structuring of the health sector, supported by technical and financial help from foreign donors and international organisations.
Admittedly, the Paris Agreements were not ideal, but they formed the framework within which UNTAC had to work.
As it transpired, however, the Khmer Rouge area was totally inaccessible by UNTAC forces, the Khmer Rouge boycotted the 1993 election and continued guerrilla warfare against Hun Sen's government until 1999.
As UNTAC commander General John Sanderson explained: "Peacekeeping missions in the past just monitored ceasefires.
Drafting clauses for the Penal Code on rape and sexual assault has been problematic, with legal officers attempting to reconcile the 1969 Penal Code with transitional UNTAC provisions and current international collaborative legislation.
Troops who served with UNTAC willingly admit that there was an abundance of temptation available right in Phnom Penh (and certainly in Bangkok during leave periods).
UNTAC, operating under Chapter VI, achieved essentially the same objective by stressing political dialogue.
In villages, people complain that there were no Vietnamese around before UNTAC arrived.
transitional administrations of war-torn countries: UNTAG (Namibia, 1988), UNTAC (Cambodia, 1992), UNTAES (Eastern Slavonia in Croatia, 1996), UNMIK (Kosovo in Serbia and Montenegro, 1999), and UNTAET (East Timor, 1999)).
Transitional Authority in Cambodia that organized the historic 1993 election, Sam Rainsy said, ''I am here to say that the legacy of UNTAC, of the United Nations, of Mr.